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School Uniform is a set of clothing that is usually worn simultaneously, both the same model, motif and type of material, and is worn by members of an agency or organization in participating in the agency or organization.
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Employee A place where you don't bother with uniform production. Easy, Fast, International Quality
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Employee Combining Convection with The Latest Technology To Provide The Best Experience In Clothing Production
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Jwalaku Factory

Technology company in the field of garment production. Equipped with a mission to digitize MSME producers in Tanah Abang and throughout Indonesia, Jwalaku Factory has come to provide you with services with the first Cloud Factory concept in Indonesia.


FOB (Free On Board)
Trust us with the supply of raw materials and end-to-end manufacture of your designs. You don't need to bother in the production process, just wait for the finished goods and arrive in your hands!
CMT (Cut, Make, Trim)
Jwalaku provides cutting, sewing and tidying services. For this service, you can shop for fabrics that suit your needs.

Specialist Printing
Jwalaku provides quality printing/screen printing services at friendly prices. Almost all printing methods can be done by Jwalaku Factory.

Done with a digital embroidery machine, Jwalaku Factory serves various types of embroidery with the best quality.

Techpack Design & Manufacturing
Jwalaku can help you design the product you want to make with a team of designers who are experienced in the fashion world.
Jwalaku also provides various kinds of fabrics or textiles. You can get hundreds of types of quality fabrics here easily.

Production Proccess

Consult the product you want with us, starting from the type of product, fabric material, color, size, and quantity
Design the product you want together with a team of designers with experience in the fashion world
Review the sample products that we design and make to make sure the results match your vision
The mass production process will be carried out after an agreement and the length of production will depend on the design and number of products

Frequently asked questions

What services does Jwalaku Factory provide?

Basically Jwalaku Factory serves fashion production services with the FOB (Freight on Board) system. We can accept CMT (Cut Make Trim) for bulk production. In addition to fashion, we also accept orders for uniforms or merchandise

Can the product design be made?

Jwalaku Factory has a team of experienced designers in the fashion field so that they can help design your products according to your wishes in the form of a techpack.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Especially for FOB (Freight on Board) Jwalaku Factory can accept orders with low quantity. However, to get the best price the minimum order should be 10 dozen. Meanwhile for CMT (Cut Make Trim) the minimum order is 500 pcs.

I have materials and want to produce in low quantity is it possible?

Of course you can, by using the FOB (Freight on Board) system. We will buy your materials first for resale in the form of production. Of course, the production price will depend on the price of your materials.

How about the payment system?

You need to pay a DP first before mass production to purchase materials. Subsequent payments up to settlement (including sample fees and shipping costs if any) can be paid according to the agreement or after production is completed.

How long is the production process?

Mass production estimates 14 working days from the approved sample results. As for this work estimate, it may also change due to other factors that could hinder it, but 14 days is usually enough.

Can a sample of the product be made?

Product samples will be made if needed if the techpack has been agreed. The sample fee is excluding production costs and is not the price of making the product.

Apart from production, what else can Jwalaku do?

Jwalaku Factory provides warehouse facilities for product storage and a dashboard for updating product stock in the warehouse. In addition, we also provide packing and courier services to send products to logistics agents or directly to your customers.

How about the quality of production?

Jwalaku Factory has a quality control team during the production process. The standard of re-checking before it is sent to your hands is by random sampling. You can choose other options for standard quality control if needed.

How about the delivery of the produce?

For delivery can be negotiated in advance according to your needs. Jwalaku Factory provides logistics services as an alternative that you can choose for delivery. Shipping costs will be billed excluding production costs following the price of logistics services at the time of delivery.

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