Create Your Brand Products

Turn your dream design creations into a brand identity that loyal customers recognize by using quality embroidery and screen printing


Decorations that are made on cloth and can add value to a garment, made of threads that are sewn onto embroidery cloth using a sewing needle and thread to enhance the appearance of the material itself.


One of the variations of making clothes and accessories is by transferring designs made using ink or special materials, to the surface of plain t-shirts with various basic colors.

Screen Printing Type

There are various types of screen printing that can be used for your brand products

Water Base
This type of screen printing ink is very smooth, even when it is printed on a t-shirt you can't feel the ink layer on the material.

Plastisol Ink
This type of screen printing ink is based on oil, plastic and chemical substances as its constituents. It is often considered as one of the best types of screen printing ink and is the standard for the production of clothing t-shirts
High Density
Is a combination of transparent screen printing ink (Straight Up Gloss) with plastisol type screen printing ink that is overwritten on it to produce an embossed effect that is fairly durable and long lasting.

This type of screen printing will cause a fluff effect on the surface like velvet. This screen printing does not use ink but powder or dye powder.
Printing/screen printing method to produce designs with embossed effects on the surface of the fabric.

Foil Print
The screen printing method is carried out through a high heat and pressure process and aluminum foil.

Rubber Ink
Rubber-based ink is also a type of water-based or rubber-based screen printing. The ink used can be mixed with water to produce a richer color.

Gel Print/ Glitter
Glitter has recently been developed as a printing ink. Glitter is a unique and colorful print and digital cutout. Glitters add to the garment with a paste and are fixed with heat on certain areas.
Glow In The Dark
This type of screen printing is unique because it can glow in a dark place. The secret is the use of phosphorus for the ink. In terms of quality, this type of screen printing is guaranteed to be durable.
The DTG printing method is a popular type of screen printing because the color choices are unlimited, meaning you can use any color ink and the quality is guaranteed not to disappoint.

DTF screen printing uses film paper which is then sprinkled with glue powder, then the ink will be melted using a hot gun and followed by a press process on the surface of the shirt. The quality of the screen printing is not easy to crack, elastic, and strong.
The opposite of the Glow In the dark screen printing which will glow in a dark room, this screen printing will sparkle when exposed to light.

Discharge Print
The manual screen printing technique uses the type of ink that can change the basic color of the fabric to the same color as the ink used, the discharge screen printing technique is also often referred to as color pulling.
Silicone Print
Silicone is a relatively new material in 3D printing. This technology takes time to develop because silicon has a very high viscosity.

Cotton/polyester blend fabrics can be printed with a printing paste containing a chemical that burns out, and after fixation, the cotton part is destroyed and only the polyester remains.

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