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You Can Make Your Brand Merchandise Easily

One of the products that we often encounter and has been widely used by various parties in every event or event is merchandise. Besides being able to display the style of your brand, merchandise can also be used as a type of advertising media to bind you with your followers.


Hats are accessories in clothing that can be used as souvenirs, promotional media, community activities, and certain events such as family gatherings. It is important in the community and KOL that their association or brand is better known. Besides being able to show the sporty side, hats are able to better introduce your brand community to the public.

Tote Bag

Use a tote bag that has been printed according to your activity or brand design for souvenirs and event merchandise needs.

Dolls - Pillows

Cute dolls, custom dolls, character pillows, custom pillows can be suitable souvenir choices for promotions. Doll and pillow designs can decorate special moments such as for product promotions, corporate events, weddings, birthdays, baby showers, graduations and others.


Masks are one of the main necessities during the corona virus pandemic. But, for fashion lovers, masks are not only protective against Covid-19 but also an opportunity to express themselves. The trick of mixing and matching masks with the clothes worn is the latest ‘fashion’ trend.

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