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There are various choices of materials for your brand product needs

Cotton Carded
Fabric made of 100% Cotton with a carded process, a fabric that can absorb sweat and is not hot. Suitable for the choice of full cotton material at a more affordable price

Cotton Bamboo
Cotton Bamboo is a fabric made from a mixture of Cotton fiber and Bamboo Fiber, this environmentally friendly material is very soft and feels light on the skin. Very suitable for sensitive skin. Composition 70% Bamboo Fiber 30% Cotton Fiber
Cotton Combed
Fabrics made of 100% Cotton with a combing / combing process, producing threads that are smoother and softer and have a flat and lint-free surface, thus making this fabric of excellent quality.

Cotton Galaxy
Type of fabric with cotton base material with unique characteristics on the surface of the fabric in the form of spots (Black, White, Rainbow, Scotlight)

Cotton Modal
Cotton Modal is a fabric made from a mixture of Cotton fiber and Modal Fiber (Beech Wood), this environmentally friendly material is very soft, and has advantages in solid, brilliant and shiny colors. Composition 50% Modal 50% Cotton.
Fabric with a mixture of Cotton and Polyester, the composition of 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester

CVC Astro, Fuzy, Threetone / Twotone
A type of fabric with a mixture of cotton and polyester fibers, the fabric mixture is processed in such a way as to give each fabric a unique color such as fine lines, threads arising from the surface of the fabric and different color gradations in one fabric, a combination of the basic color with black or white .
Combed Pique Diamond
This type of fabric uses combed yarn, very good quality material with a cool, comfortable and soft feel. This material is commonly used to make Polo Shirts / Wangki with premium quality.
CVC Pique Hezagon
Fabrics with a mixture of Cotton and Polyester Fibers, have good quality, can absorb sweat and feel comfortable on the skin.

Cotton Combed Baby Terry
This type of fabric is made from combed cotton, suitable for jackets, hoodies and sweaters

Cotton Combed Fleece
Another type of fabric that is suitable for sweaters, jackets and hoodies, has the optimum thickness to provide warmth to the wearer, and has a thick and smooth furry surface.
Polyester Active Dry
A type of polyester fabric that is specially designed for sports, has the feature of quickly absorbing sweat.
American Drill
The same type of drill fabric as Japan Drill, only stiffer. Like other drill materials, American Drill has a smooth texture, and can absorb water well so that it is cool when used.

Nagata/Japan Drill
The next type of fabric is Nagata/Japan Drill, which is thicker than American and Castilo. This material is a best seller, because it is very well used for field work shirts, where the texture is strong and the yarn fibers are larger. In addition, this material is able to absorb sweat well, due to its thickness and composition of more cotton than polyester.

Canvas cloth is indeed quite hot when used, not as cool as Drill materials in general, but suitable for jackets, pants and even bags. Of course, the thickness and composition of the canvas material that is suitable for shirts is different from that used for bags. Usually, shirts have a cotton composition that is more dominant, while canvases for bags have a more polyester composition, so they are more resistant to splashing water. Canvas fabric materials that can be used for shirts are usually branded Canvas Marsoto, Canvas Oxford etc.
Kato Drill
The Kato Drill has a medium fiber size, the same as the American Drill, but is thicker and slightly stiffer. The disadvantage of this type of fabric is that there are not many color choices.

This type of Ripstop fabric has more or less the same character as Canvas fabric. The fabric is quite thick and strong, and is often used for PDL uniforms and adventure shirts. The difference lies in the fabric motifs which are usually in the form of small checkered lines, unlike Canvas fabrics which have no motifs, or are plain. The motif here is not color, but like there are lines on the surface of the cloth. Usually this type of fabric is used for military uniforms and adventure shirts.

Castilo Drill
This Castilo Drill material has a fairly thin thickness and is more flexible than the American Drill. The fiber size is the same as the American Drill. The advantage is that it can absorb sweat well, because the cotton content is more dominant than polyester. Many customers are also happy with this type of office work uniform. The only drawback is flexibility and is thinner than other types of Drill fabric. However, this deficiency is sometimes favored by certain circles who do not like thick fabrics.

Taipan Tropical
Taipan Tropical fabric is one of the most popular materials, due to the characteristics of the most comfortable material, a hand-feel that is not rough, as well as good color resistance, not easy to fade and dull when used for a long time. Guaranteed comfort for your daily activities.
This material has the characteristics of a thread that is small and thinner than all brands of Drill fabric. The advantage of this fabric lies in the lightness and thinness of the yarn fibers, so it doesn't get hot when used. The drawback is that the embroidered area will look more shriveled, thereby reducing the aesthetics of uniform beauty in general. The solution to this deficiency is to use the badge embroidery method, or patch embroidery. Where embroidery has been applied to other fabrics, then sewn onto Oxford cloth.
Sturdy cotton fabric with weft threads through two or more warp threads. Usually used for Jacket, Pants, Vest, Skirt.

Satin Maxmara
This type of fabric is similar to satin with a smoother texture and is cool when worn. The material is light, slippery, falls and is not transparent. Commonly used for Top, robe, dress.
One of the unique types of fabric with a soft texture and not rough when held because the manufacturing process uses twisted fibers. Has a pattern of parallel lines on the surface of the fabric. Widely used for skirts, pants, sweaters, jackets and overalls.
A type of knitted fabric made by knitting a thread or more to form a knot. Usually used for Top, Cardigan, Dress, Sweater.

Fabrics made of silk, cotton, nylon, polyester, or rayon. Tends to be sheer with a faint shimmer and simple weave. Suitable for formal wear / evening dress.

Fabrics made from regenerated cellulose fibers, derived from organic polymers. One of the most preferred fabrics because of its high absorption, soft to the skin, comfortable and breathable when worn. Currently, it is widely used as pajama material.
Is a unique material that is in great demand, is a type of fabric that is flexible, flexible, not stiff, but has a texture like pebbles. Usually used for Top, Tunic, Gamis
This type of cloth is rich in decoration and is often made of gold and silver colored silk. Usually used for party clothes / kebaya

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