Our shirts are manufactured with the best convection machines. There are many options to suit your needs and budget. You can choose the right type of material, model, color and size

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Slide Wangki atau Biasa disebut Polo Kaos Polo atau Polo Shirt atau disebut juga dengan nama Kaos Wangki, Polo shirt kami terkenal berkualitas terbaik dengan harga murah. Pilihan bahan, model, bordir, warna, ukuran, dan lain-lain dapat disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan Anda.


Jwalaku Factory’s t-shirts are famous for their smooth but cheap prices. Create your t-shirt design with a wide selection of screen printing, printing and embroidery: rubber, plastisol, DTF, DTG, discharge, glow in the dark, and others. We use various kinds of fabrics, such as Combed Cotton, Cardet, Polyester, TC, and CVC.


The jackets produced by Jwalaku Factory have the best quality materials and stitches. You can customize the jacket design by choosing the type of material, model, color and size that suits your needs.


It is safe and comfortable to work in the field using the Jwalaku Factory’s wearpack uniform. There are many options to suit your needs and budget. In addition to standard fabrics for wearpacks, special types of fabrics such as fire-resistant, water-resistant and chemical-resistant are also available which are suitable for PPE.

Sport Wear

Our sports uniforms are produced through strict processes and supervision in order to produce quality products at low prices. The choice of materials, models, colors and others can be adjusted to your budget.

The fabrics commonly used for sports uniforms are Drifit, Hyget, Lotto and Spandex.

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