Come on, Retail Your Brand with Jwalaku

You Can Make Brand Products As You Want Easily

Because Jwalaku provides the following production services:

CMT (Cut, Make, Trim)
Determine garment materials and accessories that match your own characteristics as desired. We go through the process of cutting, crafting, and trimming until your designs are ready to go!
Sourcing Material
Provide a variety of materials for production purposes
Printing Specialist
There are various types of printing / screen printing available
FOB (Full Order Buyer)
Trust us with the supply of raw materials and end-to-end manufacture of your designs. You don't need to bother in the production process, just wait for the finished goods and arrive in your hands!

Product Design
Design your vision together with our fashion design team
Work with a digital embroidery machine for the best results
More Than Just a Production Service

Fulfillment Service for those of you who don't want to be complicated

Jwalaku has additional services that can help distribute your products

Warehouse Space
There is a storage warehouse for your brand's production
Order Fulfillment
Fulfillment of product orders to be packaged and sent to customers
Inventory Control
Ensure the suitability of your brand's product stock in our warehouse
Logistic Support
Product orders can be shipped all over Indonesia

Slide Your Complete Brand Business Solution With an Integrated Platform, Brand Business is in Your Hand Jwalaku provides a platform that allows you to: - Manage Product Stock You can manage your own stock of products sold. - Invoicing & Payment Send invoices to your customers and let them freely choose how to pay - Manage Customer Orders Manage customer orders from multiple channels in one dashboard - Delivery of goods Delivery support that reaches all regions of Indonesia

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