Casual Wear

Casual clothing is clothing that has comfortable materials to wear, not too much detail and a simple design but still attracts attention. This style of clothing that seems 'adaptive' is even often used in formal activities, so it can be called casual-formal clothing.

Street Wear

Streetwear is a way of dressing that is casual but still comfortable and stylish. The most important items of streetwear are t-shirts, sweatshirts, shortpants and hoodies.

Formal Wear

Formal clothes are clothes that are suitable for use in formal events such as weddings, parties, or work events. Formal clothes can be western or eastern styles such as suits, batiks, or dresses.

Moslem Wear

Moslem clothing is a model of clothing that is adjusted to the rules of life of adherents of the Islamic religion. This dress usually has a longer, closed cut, and a loose cut that doesn't accentuate the silhouette of the body.

Slide An outfit that can be worn anywhere for an informal appeal, crafted in a way that provides maximum comfort, exceptional style and absolute function. These pieces can seamlessly transition from sports to casual wear. Kids Wear Active Wear Children's clothing is clothing made for children who have not yet grown to their full height. Usually often styled more casual than adult clothing, which is suitable for play and rest.

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